Fox News sources say Sarah Sanders is 'weighing future options' after she slams CBS for reporting she's resigning
Sarah Hucakbee Sanders appears on Fox News (screen grab)

A Fox News report suggested on Thursday that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is "weighing future options" outside the White House.

On Wednesday, CBS News reported that Sanders and Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah were both thinking about resigning. Sanders reportedly told friends that she would be leaving her job by the end of the year.

Sanders blasted CBS in a tweet, saying that she had not been contacted by the outlet. But she did not directly deny that she had plans to resign.

On Thursday, Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz said that CBS News had made a mistake by not contacting Sanders before the report was released. CBS, however, said that both Sanders and Shah declined to comment on the record.

"This CBS story struck me as weirdly speculative when I read it," Kurtz opined. "To say that Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been talking about leaving at the end of the year hardly means that it's set in stone. It would hardly be unusual for someone in a high stress job and who has three young kids to depart after two years in office."

Kurtz suggested that CBS had made itself "wide open" for criticism by not contacting Sanders.

"Maybe she's vented, maybe just chattering with friends what she would do long term. I can't imagine this story in any other administration," he continued. "Six months is a long time. The president could ask her to stay on. She could change her mind if there's any substance here."

Fox News host Sandra Smith replied by reporting that Fox News sources also have indicated that Sanders is considering leaving her post.

"Fox News is reporting they're both weighing their future options," Smith said. "That goes without saying for anybody that holds a job, right?"

"Particularly in an administration where a lot of people have left," Kurtz agreed. "Sure. You're always weighing your options. Somebody could make you a $3 million offer."

It was not immediately clear if Fox News had contacted Sanders before reporting that she is "weighing future options."

Watch the video below from Fox News.