Indiana man threatened to shoot 'alt-right guys' to gain sympathy for white supremacists after Charlottesville
Alt-right members preparing to enter Charlottesville's Emancipation Park holding Nazi, Confederate Battle flags. (Anthony Crider/Flickr)

An Avon, Indiana man has been arrested after threatening to shoot "alt-right guys," claiming it would be done to garner sympathy for white supremacists following the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally where an alleged neo-Nazi killed a woman with his car last year.

The Indianapolis Star reported Friday that prosecutors have charged 32-year-old Eric Radulovic with transmitting a threat after making a post on the 4chan citing the need to undertake a "false flag" attack intended to sway public perception in favor of white supremacists after James Fields Jr. killed Heather Heyer at the rally last August.

"I’m going to bring a Remington 700 and start shooting Alt-right guys. We need sympathy after that landwhale got all the liberals teary eyed," Radulovic wrote in reference to Heyer, whose weight became a punchline to Internet fascists. "Someone is going to have to make it look like the left is becoming more violent and radicalized."

"It’s a false flag for sure," his post on the "Politically Incorrect" board continued, "but I’ll be aiming for the more tanned/dark haired muddied jeans in the crowd so real whites won’t have to worry."

A press release by the U.S. Attorneys office of Massachusetts claims Radulovic was "upset" about Heyer's death, inspiring him to intentionally threaten attendees at a "free speech" rally in Boston held the week after the Charlottesville rally. Neither the Indy Star's report nor the Massachusetts prosecutors' statement provide further evidence for the claim that Radulovic was "posing" as a white supremacist.