Kim Kardashian and John Kelly are reportedly facing off over whether Trump should pardon a woman serving life in prison for drug possession
John Kelly and Kim Kardashian {Photo: Raw Story

President Donald Trump has become "obsessive" over pardons, and is considering pardoning a woman serving life in prison after meeting with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, reported the Washington Post.

Alice Marie Johnson, 63, is serving life in prison over a low-level, nonviolent drug possession and money laundering charges.

Jared Kushner arranged for a meeting between Kardashian, and President Trump to discuss pardoning Johnson last week.

Republican consultant Ed Rollins, said President Trump's newly found knowledge of pardons is all a part of the show.

“It’s all part of the show,” Rollins said. “It’s not a rational or traditional process, but about the celebrity or who they know, or who he sees on Fox & Friends. He’s sending the message, ‘I can do whatever I want, and I could certainly pardon someone down the line on the Russia probe.”

However, White House chief of staff, John Kelly strongly opposes this move. Kelly has reviewed Johnson's case and is not convinced she deserves a pardon.

According to White House aides that the Post interviewed, President Trump asked his friends for a list of people they think should be pardoned. A White House spokesperson declined to discuss the specifics of President Trump's pardon decisions.