Neo-Nazi who once attempted an armed takeover of a town arrested for assault at Knoxville Pridefest
Kynan Dutton from the 2015 documentary film "Welcome to Leith" (screengrab)

A neo-Nazi that once threatened his neighbors in a tiny North Dakota village while attempting an armed takeover of the town has been arrested for assault at Knoxville's Pridefest.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel reported Monday that 33-year-old Kynan Dutton, the self-identified leader of the Tennessee National Socialist Movement, told the newspaper that he was protesting the gay pride event because he was unhappy with the way homosexuality is "promoted" to children.

"There’s pro-white organizations out here for the protesting of this act of sexual deviance and degeneracy that is being promoted upon our youth," he said.

According to Knoxville police's warrant as cited by the News-Sentinel, the neo-Nazi pushed someone to the ground while his group was protesting the Pride event.

Dutton made headlines in 2013 when he and fellow white supremacist Craig Cobb went door-to-door in Leith, North Dakota while carrying rifles in an attempt to rally the town's roughly 20 residents into establishing the village as a "whites-only" community. They were arrested that day after Leith residents reported feeling threatened — including a woman who said Cobb and Dutton followed her.

Leith was in the news again last week after the town's mayor got enough signatures to put an initiative on the ballot to dissolve the village and hand over control to its county amid fears that a Cobb-linked couple who were elected to the town's council via write-in votes may attempt to stage another coup.