‘I thought kids were off limits’: GOP lawmaker gripes after family faces backlash while campaigning
Rep. Jackie Toledo (Facebook)

A Florida Republican lashed out against left-wing "hatred" after someone yelled at her children as they campaigned for her re-election.

Rep. Jackie Toledo (R-FL) told Politico her children were wearing campaign T-shirts while canvassing for votes at a Tampa coffee shop when another customer lashed out against her politics.

The lawmaker didn't specify the critic's complaints, but Toledo insisted it was not indicative of growing outrage against Trump administration policies that could sweep Republicans out of their congressional majorities.

“There’s not more energy on the left -- there’s more hatred,” Toledo said. “I signed up for this. But my kids? I thought kids were off limits. Family is off limits, and it backfires when you attack families.”

Toledo, an immigrant from Peru, has not spoken out against the Trump administration policy to separate children from their parents at the border.

She also complained to Politico that she was targeted by nasty comments on Facebook after speaking at an elementary school in her district about empowering women and girls.

The lawmaker griped that the Tampa mayor's wife scolded her over gun control while dressed in a full gown at a formal ball during the city's Gasparilla Pirate Fest.