Tom Brokaw rails against 'shameful' US gun culture after newsroom shooting
Veteran NBC News journalist Tom Brokaw.

NBC News broadcaster Tom Brokaw on Friday lit into Americans' obsession with using firearms as tools of violent revenge -- and he said that something needed to be done to curb mass shootings in schools and workplaces.

Reacting on Twitter to Thursday's horrific mass shooting at the Annapolis Capital Gazette newspaper that left five people dead, Brokaw both mourned the lives lost and issued a call to action.

"The newsroom shooting, like all others this year makes me physically ill," Brokaw began. "Our dear friend, Carl Hiaasen, lost his brother."

He then turned to gun culture in America and said that the way Americans look at their right to bear arms desperately needs to change.

"It's a shameful commentary," he wrote. "'Got a problem? Get a gun.' Guns aren’t going away but their homicidal use requires a new crusade."

Police on Thursday identified Jarrod Ramos as the man who walked into the Capital Gazette newsroom and opened fire on the paper's employees. Five people have died as a result of the shooting, while seven more suffered from injuries.