Trump Tower Chicago has never tried to comply with these basic environmental laws: report
January 20th anti-Trump protest near Trump Tower Chicago following Trump's inauguration (Alek S./ Creative Commons)

Despite using 20 million gallons of river water a day for cooling, Trump Tower Chicago has never documented any steps taken to comply with environmental regulations meant to protect fish.

The Chicago Tribune reported Monday that a perusal of state records found the managers of the president's massive Chicago River waterfront property has not taken the steps necessary to prove compliance with laws that would "limit the number of fish pinned against intake screens or killed by sudden changes in pressure and temperature."

The massive skyscraper's river water intake is second only to a water plant that provides cooling water to other buildings in the downtown Chicago region — and it's the only one that hasn't documented its compliance with the federal and state fish regulations.

The Tribune also noted that Trump Tower Chicago's managers have also never conducted a study on the building's fish kills in the five years since the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency began requiring it for new permits. Nevertheless, the state's latest permit for the building owned by the president's company grants it another three years to conduct an ecological study.