Users of alt-right Facebook alternative freak out after becoming paranoid site is controlled by a Jew
Angry man on a computer (Shuttershock)

A controversial Alt-right website is starting to question their own leadership. CEO and founder Andrew Torb of deemed the site as a place for "free speech" alternative to Facebook and Twitter in 2016. However, the site really serves as a hub for hate speech.

In recent weeks, users have been complaining that their beloved site might actually be run by a Jew. The site name is allegedly reflective of a traditional Jewish leader who led symbolic ritual in the Jewish synagogue.

This new revelation, has caused some to question Torb's motives.

According to the Daily Beast: "The fringes who flocked to Gab became some of its earliest critics, with some questioning Torba’s motives in founding the site. Members of the Gab’s large anti-Semitic wing noted that its url ( loosely translates to a Hebrew word meaning an assistant in a synagogue, and speculated that the site was actually a ruse by shadowy Jewish forces who would one day crush Gab’s user base in some unspecified fashion."

Torb denied all allegations against him.

"Gabai is not Hebrew, and that even if he were Jewish, his tolerance for anti-Semitism on the site would prove his commitment to free speech," Torb said.