Utah mob attacks LGBT couples after Pride parade -- narrowly saved by 'hero' bystander
LGBT pride flags (Shutterstock)

Four men who attended a Pride parade in Salt Lake City were chased by a mob of white men yelling racial and homophobic slurs, reported the Salt Lake Tribune. 

The men ran into a local dessert shop scared and breathless. Employee Terrance Mannery, immediately locked the store door, and jumped in to help fight the mob off.

“Based on the actions the group was making, based on everything the gentlemen who came in had told me — if I allowed anyone in the store, they would try to cause harm to people,” Mannery said. “I couldn’t see how big the group was. I thought, It’s just seven to 10 people. Maybe they’ll back off."

Michelle Turpin, a witness, described the mob as "clean-cut" white guys.

“They were all late teens, early 20s, clean-cut, typical blondie, blue-eyed, wholesome Utah boys,” Turpin said.

Mannery said he was hit at least seven times.

“It felt like they were trying to pull me out so they could all jump on, but I was trying to push them out, so that actually worked in my favor,” he said.

There was no video of the incident and police are still trying to identify the suspects.

The Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce announced that they are offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and prosecution.

Mannery said it was a part of his character to always stand up for people.

"The way that I was raised was to stand up for yourself, stand up against bullies, and try to do unto others as you want done to yourself,” Mannery said. “I don’t want anyone to be hurt. I just saw the group as a group of bullies. I figured, if someone is going to stand up to them and stop them, it’s going to have to be me. Everyone else in the store has kids, or they’re a little older — they’re not the ones I expect to go out and say, ‘No.’”