Actress Amber Heard hit with furious backlash over tone-deaf joke about Hispanic housekeepers
Actress Amber Heard. Image via Shutterstock.

While attempting to warn her Twitter followers about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement checkpoint, actress Amber Heard made a tone-deaf joke about Latino domestic workers — and got hit with major backlash.

The Daily Mail reported that early on Tuesday morning, the actress posted a since-deleted tweet about the rumored ICE checkpoint on Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard.

"Everyone better give their housekeepers, nannies and landscapers a ride home tonight," she added.

Replies to Heard's deleted tweet that were captured by an archived version of the post revealed that the actress' fans were not having her line of reasoning.

"Eesh!" film journalist Hanna Ines Flint responded. "This will not go down well."

"I see the remnants of a joke in this but it is not working," another user added.

"Can this sound any more 1950s white privileged?" yet another user noted. "These professions aren’t just for immigrants nor do they need ‘white chaperones’ as a safety net. You could have worded this better."

Heard, the Daily Mail noted, has been very outspoken in her condemnation of President Donald Trump and his policies, including his infamous family separation policy.