Black woman convicted of disorderly conduct after viral video showed her violent arrest at Waffle House
Chikesia Clemons being arrested -- Tumblr screenshot

A black Alabama woman was convicted late Monday on two counts in connection with her violent arrest at a Waffle House that was captured on viral video.

Chikesia Clemons was arrested at the Saraland restaurant in April after she argued with employees over a 50-cent fee for plastic utensils for her order, and video shows her breast was exposed and an officer threatened to break her arm during a struggle, reported

Widely shared video of the arrest showed three officers wrestle Clemons to the floor, and the incident sparked protests and a petition that gathered 50,000 signatures asking the Saraland district attorney to drop the charges.

The prosecutor declined, and she was found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest during a late-night trial in Mobile County, the newspaper reported.

Judge Mark Erwin said Clemons was found guilty because the facts of the case met the legal definition required to convict, and he said the verdict had nothing to do with the emotional reaction to her videotaped arrest.