Mini-Trump Brian Kemp wins Georgia gubernatorial Republican run-off
Brian Kemp, Georgia Republican, points shotgun at daughter's boyfriend (Photo: Screen capture)

With an endorsement from President Donald Trump, Brian Kemp has won his bid against Casey Cagle to be the Republican nominee for governor in Georgia.

Both candidates in the race were far-right candidates who tried to out-conservative each other on issues like guns and immigration. One candidate, who didn't make it into the run-off went so far as to rent a school bus he said he'd use to round up "illegals" and drive them back to the border. This came after Kemp said that he uses his truck to round up migrants.

Kemp also had an ad where he held a shotgun barrel near his daughter's teenage boyfriend asking if he supported the Second Amendment.

Vice President Mike Pence spent time in Georgia campaigning for Kemp

Cagle, by contrast, faces corruption scandals after allegedly having an affair with a staffer and paying her $181,000 for campaign services. The woman named in the complaint, however, denies the affair and the staffer who allegedly saw the affair reneged on the accusations.

Cagle was also caught on tape supporting a bill that he said was bad “a thousand different ways." His support came from the fact that it hurt a political opponent.