Utah man impersonated a cop -- then threatened to shoot purported 'undocumented immigrants': witnesses
Jerred Martin Loftus (Photo via Utah County Jail).

A Utah man has been charged with impersonating a police officer and threatening to kill two men whom he accused of being undocumented immigrants.

Deseret News reports that 41-year-old Eagle Mountain, Utah resident Jerred Martin Loftus allegedly accosted two men who were walking in a local park and accused them of being "illegal aliens."

One of the men told police that Loftus told them that he had a gun -- and threatened that he would "not only shoot him and Daniel, but would bury the two of them in the woods."

Loftus quickly fled the scene when one of the men pulled out his phone to call police, however, and the man was able to pick out Loftus's photo out of a lineup.

When police searched Loftus' car, they found "a gun belt, handgun and several magazines," according to Deseret News. Loftus subsequently admitted he told the men that he was a corrections officer, but he denied that he threatened either of the men with his weapon.

Loftus faces potential charges of impersonating an officer and aggravated assault.