Wisconsin man rips out woman's hair at Walmart after she asked him to move shopping cart
John Engebos

An angry Wisconsin man was arrested after he attacked a mother while shopping at Walmart.

John Engebos, of Wauwatosa, left his shopping cart behind the woman's car, and she asked him to move it so she could pull out, reported WLS-TV.

The 60-year-old Engebos allegedly attacked Cori Richardson, who had just left the store with her baby and an older child.

"I've been a wreck, I'm not going to lie," Richardson said. "I've teared up quite a few times just thinking about it. I'm just really grateful that my kids are okay."

Other shoppers came to Richardson's aid, and they blocked Engebos from leaving after one of them called 911 to report the assault.

Richardson lost a portion of her hair and suffered serious bruising in the attack.