Cornel West explains that America has a bigger issue than Trump: 'Once he leaves racism doesn't leave'
Anderson Cooper and Corenl West [Photo: Screengrab from CNN]

On Thursday, theologist Cornel West sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper to talk about racism in America and how it relates to President Donald Trump.

President Trump said today that the crimes his former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty too are not really crimes.

"We're distracted by distraction. He's lying again. We shouldn't be surprised," West said.

West said that President Trump's follower reveals the deep roots of racism in America."He expresses something deep in the American culture. He has something in the culture, he has followers. We have to keep track of humanity."

Cooper then asked West why he thinks Trump started tweeting about  South Africa on Thursday.

"He's in over his head. He's got a white supremacist tilt, no doubt about it," West said. "I don't think we ought to take it too seriously, he at this point is throwing whatever he can in hopes that it sticks and tries to get us away from the fact that he is going under," West said.

He added, "Even after Trump we have to be just as righteously outraged. Once Trump leaves the racism doesn't leave."

Watch the video below via CNN.