Jimmy Kimmel scoffs at the concept that Trump wants to appeal to 'regular people': 'He sh*ts in a golden toilet'
ABC host Jimmy Kimmel -- (ABC screenshot)

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel opened up about his feud with Donald Trump — and got to the heart of the why the president can't stop talking about him.

"You almost expect him to mention us once every two or three months," Kimmel told The Daily Beast. "And it’s almost like we are among the characters in this story."

In an "HBO miniseries" in a post-Trump future, the comedian said, "the impact of cable news and late-night television will play some minor role in that story."

"You know he wants us to like him," Kimmel said. "You know he wants us to say nice things about him. He just wants to be loved by celebrities."

"The idea that he’s for the regular people," he added is "ironic."

"The man shits into a golden toilet," the late-night host joked.

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