Oklahoma Republican running for top education office caught promoting typo-laden conspiracy theory Clintons caused 9-11
Linda Murphy Republican candidate for Oklahoma state superintendent for public instruction (Photo: Facebook)

Oklahoma Republican Linda Murphy is in a runoff race for State Superintendent for Public Instruction, a state-wide office that navigates education. Unfortunately for Murphy, a fake Twitter account has raised the profile of the candidate's existing tweets that promote conspiracy theories and homophobia.

Oklahoma voters shared screen captures of a now-suspended Twitter account @LindaVMurphy, claiming to be the same as the candidate. It replied to Fox News hosts saying liberals should be given a noose and other inflammatory rhetoric. According to Murphy, however, that account had nothing to do with her and was faked.

"I did NOT ever have that account," Murphy said in an email to Raw Story. "That was made up by someone..... I don't know who. Some horrible tweets were sent out by some claiming it was me. My name is Linda D. Murphy (Dianne is my middle name)"

While Murphy called what the fake Twitter account said "horrible tweets," it prompted a closer examination of the tweets on Murphy's existing campaign account @LindaMurphyOKED.

In wake of the Supreme Court striking down bans on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional in 2015, Murphy retweeted a meme that featured rainbow-lit buildings worldwide. The caption read: "A limp-wristed gospel makes a limp-wristed culture."

In another tweet from Nov. 2015, Murphy appears to blame the Clintons for the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Towers.

In a blog post for Rebooting Liberty, a site that is now defunct, Murphy appeared to write an op-ed titled "The Oklahoma City bombing and a Muslim terrorist refugee," according to the Way-back Machine.

"Refugees are set to flood into the United States from muslim [sic] countries which are being over run [sic] by ISIS, causing legitimate concerns that among those people will be muslims [sic] who are trained and ready to become terrorists," Murphy wrote.

The Oklahoma City Bombing was conducted by Timothy McVeigh, a white American who did not identify as Muslim. McVeigh indicated the bombing had to do with the overreach of the federal government. No Muslim was ever involved with the Oklahoma City bombing.

When the story was tweeted by self-described "Constitutional conservative" Jared Day, he put in all capital letters that the Clintons caused 9-11 with a link to her op-ed. Murphy retweeted it with the comment, "Yes, While he was president."

President George W. Bush had been in office for just shy of nine months when the U.S. was attacked. The administration was warned extensivly.

"What??? Not on my account. I've never tweeted that. If it is there it was hacked," Murphy told Raw Story when asked for comment about the LGBT tweet and the Clinton conspiracy theory. As of 5 p.m. EST, the tweets were still visible on Murphy's official account linked from her campaign website.

It is unknown if the blog post at Rebooting Liberty was also hacked and replaced. It is also unclear if the piece was spell-checked or edited prior to being posted, but the candidate to head the state's top education post didn't capitalize Muslim and didn't know overrun was one word.

The runoff election in Oklahoma is Tuesday. Oklahoma is ranked 48th in the nation for education quality and got a D+ rating for spending on education.