Top Pentagon official under investigation for corruption of power: report
Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White -- screenshot

The Pentagon's chief spokeswoman, Dana White, is under investigation by the Defense Department Office of Inspector General for abusing her power, reported CNN.

White is under investigation after complaints surfaced that she was misusing her support staff. White made employees run her personal errands such as fetching her laundry, running to the pharmacy, get her lunch or snacks, drive her to work, pick up a pair of pantyhose and working on her mortgage paperwork.

She then allegedly retaliated against those who complained about the requests.

"A DoD official may not direct or request subordinates to use official time to perform any activities other than official activities," the Pentagon ethics standards read.

The inspector general's office declined to comment on the ongoing investigation. White has not been charged at this point.

Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr noted that there is no evidence Sec. Jim Mattis knew about the incident. She told CNN's Jake Tapper she had witnessed him picking up his own dry cleaning.