Puerto Rico schools are infested with rats and missing chairs and books after hurricane — but Sec. of Education says chaos is fine
Students with their arms around one another (Shutterstock)

The Association of Teachers for Puerto Rico visited local schools and said that they are highly under-resourced, reported El Vocero.

A translation of an interview with Terry Lastra Cruz, whose brother attends the school, quotes him calling it "sad" because "we know that resources exist, but what reaches the students is very little." He noted it's even more limited when it comes to teachers and staff.

The Association of Teachers visited 856 schools and found leaky roofs, mold and rat infestation, and hurricane debris, per the Tampa Bay Times. 

The lack of teachers and staff caused the schools to be closed down. The director of one of the schools, Ivette López Román, shut down the campus and would not allow parents nor media to enter.

One source, who didn't want to be identified, said that the teachers are being moved around like "chess pieces." They stated that "in less than a year they've been forced to move schools three or four times."

The region set up this portal for parents to report complaints as school begins and parents sound the alarm on what they view as unacceptable conditions.

Secretary of Education, Julia Keleher said that the conditions will not stop the school year from starting, according to El Nuevo Dia.  Keleher aslso dismissed the concerns by saying, "It's a smaller problem than we had the year before."