Rep. Chris Collins says he will never answer any questions about securities fraud indictment
Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) -- CNN screengrab

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) said that he would fight the charges against him for securities fraud, wire fraud and making false statements.

After being arraigned, Collins took the podium and proclaimed his innocence. He explained the back story of his investment and the history with the company. He's boasted about "making millionaires" in Buffalo with the company's success, MSNBC's Chris Hayes said Wednesday.

Collins said that going forward he would not answer any questions about the case or trial. Hayes noted that he doesn't anticipate that working for Collins.

“Congressman Collins cheated our market and our justice system in two ways," said attorney Geoffrey Berman said at a news conference Wednesday. "First, he tipped his son to confidential corporate information at the expense of regular investors. And then he lied about it to law enforcement to cover it up.”

Collins' district is still a very Republican district, so it is doubtful that a Democrat could prevail there. In a year where Democrats are competitive in GOP seats, however, anything is possible.