WATCH: Jon Stewart helps rescue two goats found roaming on Brooklyn subway tracks
Jon Stewart (left, via Wikimedia Commons) and Billy and Willy the goats roaming NYC subway tracks (right, via MTA/Twitter).

After a pair of goats were found roaming subway tracks in Brooklyn went viral, their surprising hero was revealed — and made their rescue all the more heartwarming.

The New York Times reported that veteran comedian and former late-night host Jon Stewart helped with the rescue of the two goats, who were sedated and sent to Farm Sanctuary, a facility run by the comedian's wife Tracey in upstate New York.

Shortly after the Metropolitan Transit Authority ferried New York Police Department officers up to the empty N Train station where the goats were munching grass, the Stewarts picked them up to take them to

This isn't the first time the animal-loving comedian has rescued a farm animal in New York. In 2016, he helped capture a bull that somehow got loose in the borough of Queens and took it to the goats' new home at Farm Sanctuary.

Nobody knows the old names of the goats or where they came from prior to their capture, but ABC7 New York reported that Farm Sanctuary has named the goats Billy and Willy.

Watch video of the goats' rescue below: