Conservative columnist pounds Fox News host Tucker Carlson anti-diversity rant as 'racist' and un-American
Tucker Carlson complains about CNN and the 25th Amendment on Fox News/Screenshot

Ex-Republican Max Boot unloaded on Fox News Host Tucker Carlson anti-diversity rant during his show on Friday in an opinion piece for The Washington Post.

“How, precisely, is diversity our strength?” Carlson asked.

Boot asserted that his rant was covered in racism.

"It is almost too perfect that a host at Fox — which eschews a multiplicity of views in favor of reciting the right-wing party line — would sneer at diversity," Boot said.

Boot then corrected Carlson and explained all the reasons why diversity makes America great.

"Immigrants also help to provide America’s lead in cutting-edge ideas that power our economy," Boot wrote. "The list of iconic American companies started by immigrants includes Google, Kraft, eBay, Pfizer, Intel, and AT&T. Roughly 40 percent of the Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or their immediate offspring."

He added, "It’s a good thing that diversity is such an American strength because it is inevitable and unavoidable. No matter what Carlson may say, there is no chance we will become a white version of North Korea. We are destined to become a majority-minority nation by 2045."

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