Florida GOP candidate Ron DeSantis spoke to 'racially charged' extremist meetings: report
Florida Republican Ron DeSantis and extremist David Horowitz/Screenshot

Florida Republican Ron DeSantis has been under fire since the morning after he won the state's GOP primary and declared that voters should support him over his "articulate" black opponent who would "monkey up" the state.

Now, the Washington Post is reporting that DeSantis also spoke at "racially charged" events organized by extremist David Horowitz, who has been called an Islamaphobe and who has been thrown off Twitter and had his ability to receive donations blocked by Visa and Mastercard.

Horowitz has made controversial statements such as tweeting that American blacks owe their freedom to whites.

“Black Africans enslaved black Africans. America freed them sacrificing 350k mainly white Union lives. American blacks are richer, more privileged, freer than blacks anywhere in the world, including all black run countries," he wrote.

The Trump-loving DeSantis has attended several of Horowitz's "Restoration Weekend conferences" attended by people like Stephen K. Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sebastian Gorka, James O’Keefe, Ben Shapiro and Geert Wilders.

At one, DeSantis described himself as an "admirer" of Horowitz.

Speaking to the Post, Horowitz attempted to distance himself from DeSantis.

“You can’t pin me on DeSantis. He’s not like me," he said.

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