NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo pays respect to Caribbean community leader he thought was dead — but is actually alive
Andrew Cuomo (The Washington Times)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo accidentally paid his respects to a Caribbean-American community leader who he thought was dead, but turns out she is very much alive

“Una Clarke, God rest her soul," Cuomo said Monday during a breakfast after the West Indian Day parade.

“Every community that comes to this country has obstacles that they have to face. And every community has pathfinders and leaders who overcome those obstacles," Cuomo said. "West Indian community, Shirley Chisholm, God rest her soul. Una Clarke, God rest her soul."

After the crowd started to yell, Cuomo quickly corrected himself. "Una Clarke – who is with us here today. Sorry, sorry," he said.

Clark is a trustee of the City University of New York. She was the also the first Caribbean-born woman elected to city council.

Her daughter, Congresswomen Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY 9th District) told Cuomo that her mother is alive and well.

“I guess he was misinformed so we let him know unequivocally that Dr. Clarke is here kicking and strong as ever,” she said.