‘Liberal bullsh*t’: Fox News viewers melt down after network’s poll shows America doesn’t believe Kavanaugh
Donald Trump supporter holds sign outside the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis. (Gino Santa Maria / Shutterstock.com)

Fox News sees the same approval polling for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that other networks and polls have revealed. Still, actual viewers of the network either didn't believe it or are losing their minds over the poll.

According to the poll, a "record number of voters" are opposed to Kavanaugh's nomination to the tune of 50 percent. A mere 40 percent approve of Kavanaugh. In an August poll, Kavanaugh looked a little better, but not much with 45 percent of voters saying they'd like Kavanaugh's confirmation and 46 percent opposed. A full 36 percent of respondents believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford while only 40 percent believe Kavanaugh.

Fox News viewers are torn between calling it "bullsh*t" and a "fake poll" or saying the network was a traitor for reporting the numbers, to begin with.

President Donald Trump has primed the GOP base not to believe anything from the media. Now it appears even Fox News has fallen victim to the war on the media.

You can see the biggest meltdowns below: