Neo-Nazi vlogger gets two years of prison time for stabbing a fellow skinhead
Euguene, OR Neo-Nazi Jacob Laskey. Image via Facebook.

An Oregon Neo-Nazi vlogger is headed back to prison after stabbing a fellow skinhead he was friends with.

The Oregonian reported that 38-year-old Jacob Laskey pleaded guilty the day before his trial was set to begin to stabbing Devin Reid Wolfe, a racist skinhead acquaintance of the neo-Nazi.

Laskey previously served over a decade in prison for throwing swastika-etched bricks through the windows of a synagogue with fellow members of the disbanded Neo-Nazi group Volksfront.

According to the report, the Neo-Nazi penned a number of white power and Holocaust-denying books in prison that he sold on Amazon and became a "prolific" YouTube vlogger following his 2015 release.

In his videos, Laskey "delivered lengthy diatribes against antifascist activists," professed his belief in Flat Earth theory and promoted a conspiracy theory claiming the International Space Station is fake and videos from it are recorded in Hollywood.

The man with "white power" tattooed on his chin told The Oregonian that he isn't involved with white power or white supremacist groups or movements anymore but claimed he "didn't renounce his past."