NYC teen killed after falling from 5th-floor fire escape while trying to retrieve phone from locked room
Imogen Roche (New York Daily News)

A 15-year-old girl was killed late Sunday after climbing onto a fifth-floor fire escape in an attempt to retrieve her cell phone from a locked room.

The teen, identified as Imogen Roche, had been at a party in Tribeca but realized she left her phone behind after leaving, reported the New York Daily News.

She climbed onto the fire escape to gain access through a window, but she slipped and fell onto the pavement below, which was stained with blood Monday.

The high school sophomore was rushed to a nearby hospital but later was pronounced dead.

“Oh my god, Imogen,” said the mother of a friend. “She was very talented and super smart. She’s an actor, she dances. And she’s an only child. Oh my god, she’s beautiful. She’s tall. She has a wonderful, infectious personality. She’s so nice to people.”