Republicans waited until Hurricane season to review last year's mistakes made during disaster response: report
Donald Trump (Wikimedia Commons) and trajectory of potential tropical storm "Don" (National Hurricane Center)

Congressional Democrats said that a meeting with FEMA that took a year to schedule. was canceled because of Hurricane Florence, reported Mother Jones.

The hearing titled, “Evaluating Federal Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts,” would have reviewed FEMA's response to natural disaster. “Yes, we really did postpone our hurricane hearing due to the hurricane. Oh, the irony,” committee communications director Amanda Gonzalez Thompson tweeted.

Gonzalez along with other Democrats said the GOP postpone the meeting and Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) "feel short" to investigating and evaluating relief efforts.

“Republicans waited a year to finally hold the hearing and now it’s hurricane season again, and FEMA is too busy to testify because they are preparing for new hurricanes,” Democratic staffers wrote in an email.

Gonzalez Thompson said, “Since the 2017 hurricane season, the Committee has engaged with FEMA relating to its oversight and investigative work on a near-weekly basis. The Committee has obtained and reviewed over 17,000 pages of additional disaster preparedness and response documents from DoD, DHS, HHS, and PREPA.”