Here are the 5 Midwestern states where Democrats expect to oust GOP governors in the midterms
Wisconsin governor Scott Walker during an interview on Fox Business (Screenshot)

As part of the so-called "Blue Wave," Democrats are anticipating picking up five governorships in the industrial Midwest as voters tire of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Republican-held governorships in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Iowa are up for grabs, with the Democratic nominee pulling even or ahead in the polls.

With thirty-six governorships on the line in the upcoming midterms, the GOP could see the 33 they currently hold whittled down due to Trump's unpopularity.

In Iowa, Democrat Fred Hubbell has pulled close to Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds by appealing to independents and suburban voters in a state that has been buffeted by Trump's tariffs which have hurt farmers.

According to one Iowa soybean farmer, Randy Souber, 67, of Rockwell City, he is sticking with the Republicans for now but may not come the 2020 election.

“I guess I’ll say I’m still behind Trump,” he said. “If it goes on another year, I may have to reassess things and maybe jump on another bandwagon.”

In Michigan, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has a solid lead over Republican state Attorney General Bill Schuette to replace outgoing two-term Gov. Rick Snyder.

In Ohio, according to an average of polls from RealClear Politics, Democrat Richard Cordray -- former head of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- has a slight edge over state Attorney General Mike DeWine (R).

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is in a tight race as he seeks a third term with one recent poll showing him 10 points behind, although that race has tightened.

According to Jared Leopold, a spokesman for the Democratic Governors Association, the 2018 midterms bodes well for Democrats long term, saying, "We feel really optimistic about the Midwest,” before adding it "is an opportunity to elect governors to ensure fairer maps in 2021.”

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