Ambassador McFaul destroys Arabia Foundation founder's praise for Saudi prince after murder of journalist
Stanford Professor Mike McFaul served as the United States Ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration.

The public relations effort to defend the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in spite of the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi took a fascinating turn on Saturday when a prominent defender of the country attempted to praise Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Ali Shihabi, the founder of the Arabia Foundation, posted an extended Twitter rant lashing out at critics of the Kingdom and blaming the outrage on critics of President Donald Trump.

Later, he praised the Crown Prince.

Stanford Prof. Michael McFaul, a former National Security Council advisor and Ambassador to Russia, slammed Shihabi's attempt to defend the Kingdom.

Ambassador McFaul said it is time for the United States to be less engaged with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.