BUSTED: GOP congressional nominee reportedly ‘violated several tax and election laws’
Republican congressional nominee Elizabeth Hung on Fox News (screengrab)

Republican congressional nominee Elizabeth Heng, "appears to have violated several tax and election laws," the Fresno Bee reported Monday.

Heng is a former Capitol Hill staffer for congressional Republicans.

"Washington property records show Heng claimed a condominium as her principal residence despite living and actively campaigning in Fresno. She also collected rent on the property while receiving a tax credit meant for permanent residents and improperly registered to vote in California while technically claiming residency more than 3,000 miles away," the Bee explained.

On her financial disclosure form, filed on May 6, she noted receiving more than $5,000 in rental income of the condo, although rental properties do not qualify for the homestead tax exemption.

Heng campaign spokesman Matt Langston claimed she, “has grown up in the Fresno area, votes in the Fresno area, and only claims Fresno as her home.”

The Bee report includes pictures of her Washington, D.C. property records and and voter registration form in California.

The deduction was removed from the property on October 16.

Heng is challenging Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA) in the state's 16th congressional district.