Charles Blow: Trump only wants America’s white men to feel Great Again
Young Donald Trump supporters. (Image via AFP)

An opinion columnist for The New York Times, Charles Blow, slammed President Donald Trump for perpetuating the idea of "white male victimization."

He first gave an example about now Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and how he was perceived as the "victim" during his sexual assault allegation crisis but said the problem went much deeper.

"But to me, this was not just a president and party worried about an approaching 'blue wave' and trying to take political advantage of a moment of victory," he wrote. "It was also an outright and increasing amplification of a reactionary white male victimization syndrome that has consumed modern American conservatism."

He added, "The women accusing the white man of assault weren’t the victims; instead, the white man was the victim. In some people’s eyes, he was the victim of political correctness, #MeToo’s overreach, a check-your-white-male-privilege culture drunk on its own self-righteousness."

"Trump is the paragon, the epitome, of this white male victimization. Everything and everyone is being unfair to him, and by extension, to white men," he said.

Blow then claimed that Trump has only one true agenda, and that is to make "White men feel great again."

"Through it all, Trump’s mantra and mission remain clear: to bind together toxic masculinity and racial performance anxiety into a weapon that can repel change and any perceived diminution of white male primacy," he said.

"Trump is on a campaign to Make America’s white men feel Great Again," Blow concluded.

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