Fox News attempts to distract from MAGAbomber by blasting out email touting big drop in stock market
Cesar Sayoc at a Trump rally (Twitter)

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., the suspect in the mail bomb attacks against 13 public figures who are vocal critics of President Donald Trump, is an obsessive Trump supporter, who has been deeply swayed by Trump’s virulent rhetoric against his critics.

Sayoc's van was covered in stickers showing violent images of Trump's perceived enemies. His social media accounts are rife with violent statements that hew closely with some of the ideas spouted by Donald Trump at rallies and on Twitter.

In other words, while the crimes Sayoc is going to be charged with cannot be blamed on President Trump, it's not the greatest optics for the president that a man who strongly supports him committed acts of terror—especially so close to the midterm election.

Like the other networks, Fox News covered the dramatic arrest of Sayoc. Unlike the other networks, Fox also sought to change the subject to other news.

"MARKET ALERT: Dow falls 296 points as weak tech earnings drag on stocks," read a push alert from the Fox business arm of Fox News.

"Stocks continued a week of see-saw trading Friday as falling shares of major tech companies offset optimism over a strong third-quarter GDP report," Fox noted.