Fox News worked behind the scenes to knife Megyn Kelly every time she stumbled at NBC: report
Megyn Kelly appears on NBC (screen grab)

It doesn't sound like Megyn Kelly will be able to waltz back to her old job at Fox News.

A new report from the Daily Beast reveals that the Fox News PR team led by Irena Briganti has continuously pushed reporters to write negative stories about Kelly ever since she left the network for NBC.

According to the report, Fox's PR team missed no opportunities to knife Kelly during her ill-fated stint at NBC by feeding reporters stories about her bad ratings and her assorted gaffes -- including the infamous defense of wearing blackface on Halloween.

The reason that Briganti had it out for Kelly, the Daily Beast reports, is her alleged role in bringing down former boss Roger Ailes and the way she portrayed Fox's entire PR team of being enablers for sexual abuse.

"According to three people with direct knowledge, Briganti deeply resented Kelly, in large part because she privately blamed Kelly for leaks that painted the top Fox flack as an enabler for former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes amid the sexual-harassment scandal that ended his career," the report claims.

Fox News said in a statement: "The allegations in this story are wildly inaccurate and patently absurd. The Daily Beast is relying on outdated information from former employees. The PR department here defends and protects the FOX News brand and all of its talent on a 24/7 basis. There is no war whatsoever and no resentment against anyone who formerly worked at the network, including Megyn."