Internet roasts rich-guy GOP candidate for 'golf spikes' threat: 'I shall have my valet thrash you soundly!'
Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner (Screen cap).

Republican Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner, a wealthy businessman with an estimated worth of $20 million, told rival and current Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday that he would "stomp all over your face with golf spikes."

The threats to Wolf, which were posted in an official campaign Facebook video, came amid polling showing that Wagner is losing badly to Wolf in this year's race for Pennsylvania governor. According to the current Real Clear Politics average of polls, Wolf leads the race against Wagner by an average of nearly 17 points.

Wolf's threats also drew howls of laughter across the internet, as many Twitter users mocked him for coming across as a stereotypical rich Republican by mentioning the use of golf spikes in his rant.

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