Mueller zeros in on Roger Stone as Paul Manafort interrogation continues: ABC
Roger Stone (Photo: screen capture)

ABC News is reporting that Robert Mueller is zeroing in on Roger Stone, who was in conversations with several purported hackers during the 2016 election.

"Mueller's interest in Stone appears to be focused on whether Stone or his associates communicated with Julian Assange or WikiLeaks about the release of damaging emails allegedly hacked from Hillary Clinton's campaign by Russian intelligence officers masquerading as hacker persona 'Guccifer 2.0,'" ABC reported.

Stone told ABC he isn't surprised to hear the news that Muller is inquiring about him given the closeness he has with Manafort and Trump and given his online admissions.

"I am highly confident Mr. Manafort is aware of no wrong doing on my part during the 2016 campaign, or at any other time, and therefore there is no wrongdoing to know about," Stone told ABC. "Narratives to the contrary by some in the media are false and defamatory."