New York Republican candidate's campaign manager son wants her to be the next Richard Spencer
Queens, NY State Senate candidate Vickie Paladino. Image via screengrab.

A Queens woman running for New York State Senate doesn't care if you call her "alt-right" — and her son, who also acts as her campaign director, appears to agree.

Gothamist reported that Vickie Paladino, a Queens Republican hoping to capitalize upon a divided Democratic ticket for NY State Senate in her district, has a history of seemingly racist comments.

Her comments pale in comparison, however, to the messages posted on social media by her son Thomas Paladino Jr.

Paladino Jr.'s handle on Gab, the "free-speech" social network favored by neo-Nazis and alt-righters, is @agustus. He regularly promotes his mom's campaign on the site — and has shared posts from at least one overt white supremacist endorsing his mom.

In one post from five months ago, user @seamrog (whose recent posts include fundraisers for the legal fees of the white supremacists jailed following the deadly Charlottesville rally in 2017) compared the GOP candidate to Paul Nehlen, the anti-Semite running to fill Paul Ryan's Congressional seat.

The post suggested that Paladino, along with Nehlen and white supremacist-turned-failed-Senate candidate Patrick Little, could replace white nationalist Richard Spencer as a "leader" of the alt-right.

Though less incendiary than her son, the candidate has a history of sharing her own racist views and retweeting "explicitly white supremacist and anti-semitic accounts," Gothamist noted.

Perhaps the most infamous incident took place last year in an exchange Paladino had with journalist Mikki Kendall in which Paladino suggested the reporter's African "ancestors" were technologically inferior to Europeans. When Gothamist asked the candidate about the since-deleted (but widely screenshotted) post, she claimed she never wrote it.

"I hate identity politics," Paladino said when asked about her own tweets. "If somebody wants to call me alt-right, I don't really care. Just don't call me late for dinner."