'The real soup Nazi': Internet demands firing of Campbell soup executive who posted racist caravan tweet
Annoyed woman looks stressed out at computer (Shutterstock)

Kelly Johnston is the Vice President of Government Affairs for Campbell Soup. Monday evening Johnston tweeted a racist conspiracy theory about the caravan of asylum-seeking migrants making their way to the U.S. from Honduras by foot.

The New York Times' Ken Vogel posted a screenshot of Johnston's tweet on Tuesday, which has led to tremendous anger and outrage on social media – including demands that Campbell fire Johnston.

As Vogel mentions, Johnston's claim that "OpenSociety planned and is executing this, including where they defecate," refers to the right's favorite target on the left: billionaire George Soros. Conspiracy theorists and crazies on the right have attached his name to everything imaginable. (By the way, let us know when you get your check for protesting Trump, or for being a member of the Resistance.)

There is, of course, zero proof that anything Johnston claimed in that tweet is true.

Vogel says that Campbell Soup would only say that "The opinions Mr. Johnston expresses on Twitter are his individual views & do not represent" Campbell's.

Campbell Soup, a $7.7 billion multi-national conglomerate, refused to offer a position on the migrants fleeing gangs, drugs, and poverty. Nor would they say if they support their own Vice President's views.

Despite Johnston's brave conspiracy theory declaration, he's been far less brave since being exposed. He has deleted his Twitter account.

And since he has deleted his Twitter account, we cannot verify these tweets, but they do seem to show Johnston's proclivities.

Meanwhile, many are furious and calling for Campbell Soup to take action – and threatening a boycott if they don't.