Utah public high school's 'Men's Week' event implodes after sexist posters declare men 'superior' to women
A sexist sign hung up at Snow Canyon High School for 'Men's Week' (Photo via Twitter).

A high school in Utah is under fire from parents after it once again decided to host a "Men's Week" event in which male students plastered the school with sexist signs mocking women as supposedly inferior.

Local news station KSL News Radio reports that Snow Canyon High School in St. George, Utah decided to let male students hold another "Men's Week" on campus even though the one held the year before similarly imploded after the school's halls were adorned with sexist signs.

Included among the signs were a large banner hung over a main hallway that read, "Enter if you believe men are the superior gender"; a sign that said, "What's a woman's point of view? The kitchen window"; and one that read, "How do you blind a woman? Put a windshield in front of her."

Snow Canyon High School Principal Warren Brooks sent out a message to parents acknowledging their concerns about the event and insisted that the sexist posters were "not authorized and put up after school hours."

Brooks also said this was the last time the school would be fooled into allowing a "Men's Week" to occur on its premises.

"We realize our mistake and are saddened at the course these events have taken," he said. "Our corrective action is to immediately eliminate these types of divisive events and celebrations."