Conservative columnist predicts 'Trump toxins' will affect America for years following his departure from the White House
Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on September 14, 2015 (AFP Photo/Laura Backman)

Although Donald Trump will not "be president for life," conservative columnist Max Boot warned that "his baleful legacy will live on" in the United States.

"He is turning U.S. politics into a Superfund site and the Republican Party into the leading intellectual polluter in America," Boot wrote in a Washington Post column Wednesday. "It could take a generation to clean up the toxins he has released."

The ex-Republican argued that the "racist" and "conspiracy-mongering" has left an irreparable mark on a GOP that "increasingly reflects all of those mental deformities."

That Florida's governor-turned-Senate-candidate Rick Scott is echoing Trump's baseless claim of "voter fraud" in the Sunshine State proves "the Trump effect" in which the president pushes "otherwise sane Republicans down conspiratorial rabbit holes."

Boot went on to note that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) shared a since-debunked video of a Latino man giving money to women and girls, suggesting that liberal megadonor George Soros (the recent target of a pipe bomb) was funding them and they were members of the "migrant caravan."

"It turned out the footage was from Guatemala, not Honduras, and it showed local merchants contributing money to the refugee caravan," the columnist wrote. "There was no connection to George Soros, but that hasn’t stopped Trump, Gaetz & Co. from trafficking in this anti-Semitic conspiracy theory."

Boot proposed President Bill Clinton's successful anti-tobacco campaign as "a model of the kind of public education effort that will be necessary to clean up Trump’s toxic residue."

"If history teaches anything," the columnist concluded, "it is that hate-mongering kills just as surely as smoking does."