Democrats and Mueller about to plunge Trump into ‘two years of probing hell’ — and ‘GOP should be freaking out’
President Donald Trump speaks with Axios (Screen cap).

Three trends are working against President Donald Trump and the Republican Party two years out from the 2020 election.

The GOP maintained its U.S. Senate majority despite losing its control of the House of Representatives, but the midterm results show softening support in states that Trump won in 2016 -- and that he'll need for re-election, reported Axios.

With Democrats gaining subpoena power on House committees, Trump faces an onslaught of investigation into his campaign ties to Russia and his family's business practices.

"Trump and the GOP face two years of public investigations, coming from three different and dangerous directions: Robert Mueller, the state of New York and Congress," wrote Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen. "Two years of probing hell await."

Those investigations will weaken Trump, at best, and potentially result in significant findings of wrongdoing that could end his presidency.

The prolonged economic recovery could end before the 2020 election, which could put Trump in an even more perilous position, and Southern states are slowly turning more Democratic with rising Hispanic populations, while Midwest states like Wisconsin were never a sure thing for the GOP.

"Long term, the GOP should be freaking out about this," the pair wrote for Axios.

Without Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket, Trump could lose the key states he won two years ago.

"Trump could easily lose Pennsylvania in 2020," they wrote. "He could easily lose Wisconsin. He could lose Michigan. It's clear now that Trump's wins in those vital states were based largely on Hillary Clinton voters staying away — Trump got fewer votes in Wisconsin than Mitt Romney had four years before. Absent one or both of those states, Trump's path becomes tenuous, at best."