Failed Senate candidate gets kicked off 'free speech' site used by Pittsburgh shooter -- for anti-Semitic threats
Former California Senate candidate Patrick Little. Image via screengrab.

A failed white supremacist Senate candidate has been kicked off of Gab, the "free speech"-oriented social network used by alleged Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers, for making anti-Semitic threats.

Mic reported that Gab announced its decision to remove anti-Semitic activist Patrick Little after he crossed the line from constitutionally-protected hate speech to speech the site said directed threats at individuals.

"I have thought about the Bowers issue at length,” Little posted, referencing the Gab user and alleged Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooter. “Nelson Mandela openly supported and participated in terrorism, and the Jews who supported him canonized him in the media

"At what point is force against Jews legitimized?" the failed Senate candidate wrote.

Gab acknowledged in its post announcing Little's permanent suspension that his account "contained a great deal of what could be described as outrageously offensive speech, or 'hate speech.'"

The website claimed it decided to kick him off for "doxxing" or revealing the personal information of private individuals "who were not the subject of any public controversy."

Gab then cited a judge's motion to dismiss in the case of Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site, that found that "exploiting the prejudices widely held among [a publisher's] readers to specifically target" private persons is not protected by the First Amendment.

Along with running a failed anti-Semitic Senate campaign, Little is also known for his "Name the Jew" tour in which he traveled the country harassing passer-by and holding signs that said things like "Jews rape kids" -- and appears to have flown a blimp bearing that message near his houseboat in San Francisco.

Mic noted that on November 5, the IndyBay news site published screenshots of multiple threats Little made on Gab, including a threat to destroy a Holocaust memorial and the claim that anti-Semites should "raise Jews as livestock" for "ritual death and torture."

Little denied that he doxxed anyone in a YouTube video posted after he was booted off of Gab.

"They provided no link to the tweets or the Gab posts that got me removed from Gab,” he said. “All I know is a bunch of Kosher people with a bunch of Kosher money came in and got involved with the hosting of Gab recently and they were deleting all of my followers, my big followers.”