'The Looney Tunes took over': Republicans explain why they aren't voting GOP in NYT report
President Donald Trump (L) and vice president Mike Pence (AFP Photo/Drew Angerer)

The New York Times published a story detailing voters who are on the fence about their decision with just days before the midterms.

Some of the people they interviewed voiced concerns about the Republicans Party and why they have chosen to leave the Party.

“I’m actually becoming more emphatic as the days go by. The Republican Party is just coming across as people who really don’t care about the country," Elma Hawkins from New York said.

Ada Sanchez from North Carolina said she left the GOP once President Donald Trump took over.

“I switched when the Looney Tunes took over. They lost control, so from now on, I’m just going to be voting Democrat and see where the chips fall, you know? I don’t want no more Republicans in charge,” Sanchez said.

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