Ken Starr: The hammer is about to drop on Paul Manafort after Mueller learns he was a mole for Trump
Ken Starr/CNN screen shot

Former independent counsel Ken Starr told CNN on Wednesday that Paul Manafort is in even deeper trouble with Robert Mueller after it was revealed Tuesday that his lawyer has been briefing the president's legal team about what he's been telling federal investigators.

"You at this stage belong to the prosecutors. You're now inside the tent, you're part of the team," Starr said of Manafort. "So to be leaking information to the lawyers outside the team, that's going to be viewed very seriously and obviously is."

"That's the one thing that prosecutors are going to tell a cooperating witness: 'we can only deal with the truth, whatever it is. If it exculpates that's fine. What we can't deal with are lies,'" he added. "That means the hammer is really coming to Paul Manafort."

"If you're cooperating with the government, you should not be sharing information," Starr said after host John Berman asked if Manafort was "some kind of mole", funneling information to the president's legal team. "The government is going to come down really hard on you. If he's been sharing very helpful information, just call it a bad move."

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