Marie Claire finds hidden message about Ivanka Trump's political future -- in her hair color
White House senior advisors Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump stand behind the president in the Oval Office (Twitter)

Palace intrigue has gripped this White House, especially surrounding senior advisor and first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka, and her husband and fellow senior advisor Jared Kushner, have been given unprecedented responsibility and access.

The two -- nicknamed "Javanka" -- seem to have full immunity in the power struggles that have defined Trump's chaotic White House.

The British edition of Marie Claire magazine is wondering if Ivanka's changing hair dye could be a political warning to her adversaries that she is gaining even more power in the administration.

"Now, there’s even more speculation about where she’s heading – especially after a recent image change. The change in question? Blonder. Much blonder," the magazine noted. "Ivanka’s hair has steadily been getting increasingly blonde since she took up her post, but the latest change has turned it icy white."

The British magazine interviewed "celebrity colourist" Kyle Whit, who has previously worked with Ivanka.

"The blonde, blonder, blondest progression of Ivanka’s hair color is not an uncommon one," Whit argued. "Carolyn Besset going platinum when she married John Kennedy Jr. comes to mind."

"The maintenance level is so much higher with these types of blondes, which is a status symbol in and of itself, that you can afford the time and expense uber blonde shades require," he continued. "Strong color like a solid cool blonde tells the world you’re a strong woman with strong opinions."