New documents show Ohio cops may have lied to justify strip club raid that ended in Stormy Daniels arrest
Stormy Daniels tells her Shark Week story on 60 Minutes/Screenshot

Internal documents suggest Columbus police officers provided misleading information to court authorities in an undercover operation targeting Stormy Daniels.

The officers arrested Daniels at a local strip club in July and accused the adult film actress of "fondling" patrons, but the charges were quickly dropped, and the newly revealed documents show police had no real reason to be there, reported The Appeal.

Police claimed to be investigating allegations of illegal activity at Sirens, but a whistleblower leaked emails shortly after the arrest showing officers were specifically targeting Daniels -- who was suing President Donald Trump over an illegal hush money payout.

Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs admitted the arrest was a mistake, and the newly released documents show the unit's supervising commander acknowledged "there was no specific complaint" against Daniels or the strip club.

Edward Forman, an attorney who's suing Columbus police on behalf of two club employees also arrested with Daniels, said the admission cast serious doubt on the arrest reports.

"It's total bullsh*t," Forman told the newspaper.

Terry Moore, the unit commander, told an internal investigator that the undercover operation was "reasonable" and essentially a "carryover" from similar investigations at other clubs.

But three police sources told The Appeal that explanation wasn't credible, and a high-ranking police official also questioned Moore's account.

That’s not how we do business,” the official said. “We don’t randomly go to one club and harass them. Nothing came in on Sirens. We have to have a reason to go in.”

The FBI is investigating whether the arrests were politically motivated, and the police department has placed arresting officer Steve Rosser on desk duty for his role in the case.

Andrew Mitchell, another vice quad officer who was not involved in the raid, was relieved of his gun and badge after shooting and killing Donna Dalton during an arrest attempt.