Pollster breaks down how Trump's attacks on immigrants were a massive flop in swing states
A racist ad portraying undocumented immigrants as killers promoted by President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump's furious last-minute attacks demonizing immigrants were supposed to be a linchpin for keeping Republican majorities in Congress.

However, Democratic pollster Nick Gourevitch on Wednesday took a look at the evidence and found that attacks on immigrants from Republicans in tough races weren't enough to put them over the top -- and may have actually backfired.

He notes that Trump-like immigration hardliners such as Pennsylvania's Lou Baretta and Virginia's Corey Stewart both lost easily to their Democratic rivals in Senate races, and that failed swing-state gubernatorial candidates such as Michigan's Bill Schuette, Wisconsin's Scott Walker, and Pennsylvania's Scott Wagner all ran ads aimed at stoking fears of the Central American migrant caravan.

For good measure, he says that even deep-red states such as Kansas elected a Democratic governor over Kris Kobach, who made attacking immigrants a centerpiece of his campaign.

"Then there is the House," he continued. "They tried in Iowa against Axne and Finkenauer, both Obama-Trump districts. Dems won both seats. Here’s what they ran in two Romney-Trump districts -- NY-22 where Tenney hugged Trump big time and lost and VA-07 where they tried to spear Abigail Spanberger with all kinds of garbage."

Read the whole thread -- long with photos of the anti-immigration ads run by GOP candidates -- below.