Sunday school teacher faces assault charges after ‘smacking’ child for ‘talking during prayer’

A Sunday school teacher who lost his patience and "nudged" a child for talking during prayer is now being investigated for assault and battery, reported Enterprise News.

Onyedikachi Enebechi, 37, is a Bible study teacher at Winners City Church Brockton, Massachusetts.

Vernon Ford Jr. told police that Enebechi slapped his five-year-old son leaving him with a red bruise on his face.

“I just want justice,” Vernon said. “If he was just talking during prayer and he’s that angry that he has to smack my child, this guy has problems.”

Enebechi said the child was talking so he “nudged the child with two fingers out of frustration.”

Vernon said that it is unacceptable.

“Even if we go with the teacher’s story that he nudged him, he has no business doing that,” Vernon said. “He has no business putting his hands on my son. Period."

Enebechi did not respond to reporters' request for comments and will appear in Brockton District Court.