Woman on probation raped by man who was supposed to check her interlock device: lawsuit
Sad woman covering her face (Shutterstock)
A Fort Worth, Texas woman is suing a technician who was supposed to inspect her vehicle’s interlock device and instead raped her, according to the Star-Telegram.
The woman has not been identified and she was on probation when the assault occurred.
The woman claimed that the technician, who she referred to as "Miguel" fraudulently received her contact information from his employer.
"Miguel"  worked at Draeger Inc. The woman said that once he received her information, he started sending her inappropriate text messages.
According to the lawsuit, "Miguel" told the victim he wanted to have sex with her. He set an appointment at the end of the day to have her car looked at. Once the woman rejected him, the man proceeded to rape her.
“When the plaintiff arrived, John Doe proposed sex in a very forceful way to the plaintiff,” the lawsuit stated. “When the plaintiff rejected him, John Doe proceeded to rape her.”
The woman is seeking $200,000 in damages. Draeger Inc. did not respond to request for comment by the Star-Telegram.