13-year-old girl terrified after multiple cops detain her and berate her with slur for riding her bicycle: mother
Police officers in riot gear. Image via Shutterstock.

A Maryland teenager was pulled over by police for riding her bike on the street—and a police officer allegedly used a racial slur while detaining her, reports the Capital Gazette.

At a community meeting, her mother—who is white, but has biracial kids—said she feared for her children's safety following her daughter's encounter with police.

“I’m afraid to let my son walk to the local store,” Amy Brown said, according to the Gazette. “I’m afraid. Because he is black. He is not like Jayda, he is black. My daughter has not ridden a bike since the July 6 incident. She has not been outside in my neighborhood to play.”

The County's police chief said the department was investigating the incident.

“We have zero tolerance for racist behavior in this police department,” police chief Timothy Altomare said. “If someone is wearing a uniform and spouts racist ideology. … It ain’t happening on my watch.”

But Brown told the Gazette she was told that papers were “on the lieutenant’s” desk and a letter would be sent to her in the mail," in November and she still hasn't heard from police about the incident.

“I feel like I have been lied to because I gave all my trust to the officers,” Brown said. “That they were going to do the right thing.”